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Who are HQC


HQC-Halal Quality Control is An independent international accredited Halal certification body and has been ranked as one of the first trustable accredited Halal certification bodies established in Europe. Since our establishment in 1983 and until now, we are among the European leaders for providing international Halal certification. From our locations in Netherland, France, Germany, and Austria, we serve the food industry with superior service by providing excellent Halal certification services for the food and beverage industry. Our target customers are multinational firms as well as small and medium enterprises that deal in the food and beverage industry and aim to expand their businesses by developing or entering in the steadily growing Halal market. Our international accreditation and certification provides recognition to our customers’ products as they are easily accepted as Halal nearly worldwide. We are accredited and recognized by almost all Halal authorities and accreditation bodies over the globe like MUI Indonesia, Jakim Malaysia, GAC GCC Gulf States, DAC and ESMA for UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, HAC Sri Lanka and many more. Dr. A.M Alchaman, the founder of HQC, is currently the president of WHFC Europe, world Halal Food Council, which is the main elite organization under which most of the international accredited Halal certification bodies work around the globe.

We offer you a unique experience about Halal certification

Our mission

We guarantee our Muslim customers 100% Halal products by demonstrating to the industry in a transparent way how to guarantee the safe creation of Halal products. Our potential target group consists of two main groups.

On the one hand, multinational companies in the food industry who want to expand their business by entering or developing the ever-growing market for Halal products. On the other hand, Muslims who want to buy wholly-Halal products.


For them, this is the most important buying factor, because they really want to have 100% Halal quality from all products that are labeled as Halal. Our certification services target both audiences and are able to meet their needs for proper certification for Halal products.

Our history

In 1983, Halal certification was started by Mr. Chaman for meat products when he recognized the importance of exporting it to Islamic countries. He realized the importance of the Halal certification and established the first “Halal office” in Europe. Initially, the certification was started for meat and slaughtering, and in the Netherland, it was considered as one of the most important sources for Halal meat.

Dr. Chaman started the certification activities as a pioneer in Europe, as he realized that Halal sector is continuously developing, and will continue to do so in the future, so there was a need for the certification. This realization led to the development of his Halal certification service.

He recognized that Halal certification is needed for both Muslims and Non-Muslims. While one hand there is a concern of the Muslims about eating Halal and a need for a trustable guarantee that what they are eating is indeed Halal, on the other hand, there is a need to inform European food industry about the standards of Halal products. With competent partners, he established an understandable Halal guideline for the food industry in Europe and on the same time he began to build a transparently auditing and monitoring system.


Today after more than 30 years, everyone is aware of the importance of Halal certification in Europe for Muslims countries, to which the products are exported, as well as for the Muslim communities in Europe.

Our staff

Our skilled and experienced personnel that understands Halal standards and the needs of the industry is one of our most important assets, which brings valuable benefits for our customers.


Our team with extensive know-how and international experience provides superior services to our customers.

Our vision

  • Our Customers are our power and driving force to perfection: We are committed to providing best service to our customers, Muslim consumers, and the industry.

  • Our personnel are our capital: We are committed to providing top personnel training and great working environment to enable them to feel great and confident so that your consumers can be sure they are getting premium Halal products.

  • Our service is our leading edge: We believe in thinking out of the box and focusing on the future by providing the best services to our personnel and customers by using all needed tools to experience Halal certification on the top level.

  • Our target is the next level: We have goals, and we always want to excel in them by doing the best. Our next target is always the next level, as it keeps us moving and helps in becoming the best.

  • Our age: We live in a time that is always changing and gives new opportunities and possibilities; we are optimistic towards changing the environment and want to use all these possibilities in the best way to improve our service level.

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