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The importance of Halal market

Rapid growth and interest in halal food have captured significant attention across the food industry. According to the World Halal Forum, the global halal food and beverage trade is currently estimated to be around USD 1.4 trillion annually (Farouk, 2013).

It has been reported that the global halal market is currently worth 16% of the


entire global food industry and would account for 20% of the global food product trade in the near future with Asia, Africa, and Europe accounting for 63%, 24%, and 10% respectively (in der Spiegel et al., 2012).

Numerous survey-type studies have shown that 75% of Muslims living in the US and 84% of Muslims in France always eat halal meat.


Apart from the religious value, consumer motives behind halal food arise from some general guidelines in Islam:

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