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HQC is proud to announce the launch of our new, fully-featured website WWW.HQC.EU

Halal Quality Control

ist Ihr sicherster Partner für den Export auf dreiundfünfzig Ländern.


The Muslims around the world are more than one billion and a half billion Muslims, and the halal food for them is extremely important, which is no less important than any other worship like fasting and prayer, the Muslim should not eat any food that does not comply with the teachings of Islamic law, or it can be suspicious, from that principles coming the importance of Halal food for Muslims.

On the other hand, the halal food trade reached new highest record during 2015 exceeded the value of this sector 1.1 trillion US dollars by 2015 , and according to a study conducted by the organization "Global Future and Vorsaitis" it is expected that the value of halal market will reach 10 trillion US dollars in the year 2030, and this expectation reflecting the increased interest of Muslim countries in getting halal products comply with Islamic law.


















Hence, it was necessary to the existence of specialized institutions in the granting of Halal certification for manufacturers, and these institutions must be highly credible and recognized by Muslim countries. This is exactly what our organization Halal Quality Control - HQC doing through its offices in Europe, where become today the largest, most widespread, most secure and the highest rated by the Accreditation administration  in Islamic countries.


By halal certificate obtained by the customer from our organization (if the products are compatible with the applicable standards in our organization), we guarantee you to open the export door to more than 53 Muslim countries around the world.



Halal Quality Control - HQC is your safest partner for export around the world.



Halal Supermarkt

In a quick look at the halal history we find a very quick and big development, where in the past the halal certificates was required only for the meat who imported from the Islamic countries, and then after Malaysia and Indonesia start to established halal standards, and since the halal concept has develops and spreads across the world, today halal Certificates become required for all processed foods, medical products and cosmetics products in addition to the meat, even become required for the industrial raw materials, food chemical products, Flavors, colorings and stabilizers … etc, now the halal certificates became mandatory  from all the manufacturers for most of Islamic countries not only in Indonesia and Malaysia .

In Halal Quality Control - HQC

We are proud of our achievements

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